Our Story

Pasta Runs in Our Family

Emilio’s Italian Restaurant in historic Staunton Virginia, serves classic and fresh meals that combine the best of traditional Italian recipes with fresh, local ingredients.


Opened in 1994, Emilio's is celebrated as one of downtown Staunton's oldest family-owned and operated restaurants running in its original location. Handing down cherished Sicilian traditions as it's main ingredients, Emilio's menu pairs generations of authenticity and love with freshness and flavor.  


Sit back, relax and enjoy as we invite you to join us for our brand of Italian hospitality.

Owner & Executive Chef

Emilio Amato


"Al Dente makes you smile"

"Growing up in Sicily has always given me a sense of pride. Italians love their community and share their food with smiles. Having a restaurant allows me to see that smile on every customer we serve. For us, bringing our family recipes to neighborhoods around the city of Staunton gives us a moment to give back to our communities in our own way."